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◆ Inexpensive to set up
◆ Inexpensive to operate
◆ Stainless steel air pipe and exchanger, highly corrosion resistance
Main Features
■ Classic, neat and compact structure design.
■ Stainless steel pipeline, it's suitable for medicine, food stuff, acid-resistant, alkaline-resistant and erodent-resistant industry.
■ Pre-cooler of copper gas-gas, the evaporator of copper, more sufficient for exchanging heat.
■ Perfect refrigerated system configuration. Initial parts come from gloable famous brands to
ensure efficient & system reliable running & life as well.
■ Security protection in the refrigeration circuit, increasing reliability and safeguarding the air dryer
■ Simple disassembly, with easy access to the internal components for efficient maintenance.
■ Drain positioned in a niche, allowing easy access without the need to remove the top panel.
■ High Pressure Version available.
Production Process
Why Compressed Air Purification?
Compressor alone is not enough.In most cases,untreated compressed air is naturally dirty,oily and wet. This condition is certainly notdesirable for industrial applications and could directly or indirectlylead to the following situations.
• Reduction in efficiency of expensive pneumatic tools & machineries
• Frequent costly maintenance of pneumatic tools & machineries
• Lost of production hours with increased machines down time
• High rejection rate of products
• Inability to meet delivery deadlines
• Unsatisfied customers
Hence compressed air needs to be purified or treated before they can be efficiently utilised. With theincreasing popularity of compressed air as an alternative source of utility for today’s modern production facilities, it is essential that you select the most suitable compressed air treatment systems for your plant and budget this relatively small investment into your operations to avoid daily problems with untreated compressed air which could eventually lead to expensive additional operating expensesand loss businesses.
Q1: What’s the min. Order requirement ?
A1: Min. Order requirement is 1PCS.
Q2: What is your terms of payment ?
A2: Payment<=1000USD, 100% in advance. Payment>=1000USD, 30% T/T in advance ,balance before shippment.
Q3: Can I become an Agent / Dealer of Hiorss?
A3: Welcome ! Please let us know your Country/Area fisrt, we will check then talk about this. any other kind of cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact us.Refrigerated Air Dryer factory

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