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China Rogers 4350B - Totalsexy Q&A
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Our History

Found Pcb, established  in 2005, Shenzhen Found  Printed Circuit Board Co., Ltd. is part of Found group. Found PCB dedicated to provide one-stop service, to meet highest technology,quality and quick turn over challenges with lowest cost.

Our Factory

Shenzhen Found Printed Circuit Board Co., Ltd.specializing in manufacturing printed circuit board from single layer to mutilayer layer , is estalished with a professional team in the area of marketing,production, testing and customer services.By introducing advanced technology and equipment at home and aboard, we supply products with FR4 laminate,Metal Laminate(Aluminium Based and Copper Based) and high frequency board, which are used in safty,lighting,telecommunication,industrial control,Medical equipment and etc. Over 60% of our products are exported to Europe, America,Japan and other Asian area.



Our Product

We are dedicated to provide High-Tech PCB products which include HDI PCBs, Multilayer PCBs (1-20 layers), High Speed Backplanes, Line Card PCBs, Gold Finger PCBs ,also with 1L & 2L aluminium PCB.

Product Application

We offer single sided pcb,Double sided pcbs,multi-layer pcbs,Build-up pcbs,buried blind hole,special impedance  plate, aluminum plate,ceramic plate,High tg,halogen-free,CEM-1.CEM-3,Teflon pcb.

We offer a full range of pcbs for serving a variety of maket application including medical, telecommunications,industrial controls,power supply,advanced consumer electronics and instrument,etc.

Our Certificate

With several year's rapid development, the production capability of our factory reachs 25,000 square meters with over 500 employees and 180,000 sq.m production area.

Found  PCB  has been certified by International Quality System IS09001、ISO14001、TS16949 and UL  (E361831).


Production Equipment

Technical Capabilities

Technical Capabilities

Item process capacity

No. of layerDouble side to 20 Layers.Build up 2+N+2,Double Sided aluminium PCB , metal core PCB

MaterialsFR-4 ,CEM-1/3,HF material,Teflon,Rogers,Bergquist,high TG,PTFE,aluminum.

Board thickness0.1mm to 4.0mm  0.4mm up for 4 layers  4.0mm for 16 layers

Copper cladding(inner)18um to 105um  (Outer)12um to 210um

Maximum size500*1500mm

Minimun trace(width/spacing)0.075mm

Hole size tolerance(NPTH)±0.075mm  (PTH)±0.05mm

Diameter tolerance(NPTH)±2mil (PTH)±3mil

Min.Distance hole/line to edge20mil 12mil

Minimun welding ring thickiness0.1mm

Minimun isolation pad10mil

Minimun solder mask width0.075mm

Minimum solder window0.05mm

Impedance tolerance±10%

Minimun hole sizeFinish,mechanical -0.15mm

Finish,laser -0.10mm

Aspect ratioVias≤10:1

Build vias≤0.7:1

Surface finishsHAL,Immersion gold,Flash gold, Pre-flux(OSP),Selective gold plates and gold tabs,Stripping blue glue,Carbon oil,Pure tin plating,silver plating,tin plating,thickness Finger plating.

Quality StandardsAccept spcifications of customer and IPC(class II or III)

Process RouteChina Rogers 4350B


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