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Flow Fusion Male Enhancement No matter how funny it may sound, but after a certain amount of time it is possible, as if nothing had happened, to return to normal sexual relations. Remember, once we talked about the famous sexologist John Gray, who after spending seven years in Tibet in the guise of a monk, realized that such a life was not for him and decided to return to his usual "human life". Moreover, this only served him in his favor. The fact is that he understood women's psychology best of all. Each time, telling a woman that after seven years of abstinence, he does not remember or does not know what is what and how is better in intimate terms, and he was especially interested in the question of how to behave properly so that a woman gets the result she needs. So, the ladies willingly told the cunning and clever immaculate ex-monk how to please them. As for women, here is such a moment, if a man, they say, becomes an inexperienced impotent, then a woman is frigid. In fact, everything is not so simple. Here the situation is such that a person flows or moves in this rhythm through life, i.e. "Movement in life." There are three interrelated forms of heterosexual relationships: free love, marriage, and prostitution. From prolonged abstinence (as, indeed, from frequent sexual contacts), a woman can advance, being in one form of relationship, to another and vice versa. However, the same thing applies to men. The harm of sexual abstinence in the general case is determined by the meaning of sexual relations that a man and woman put into sexual intercourse. At the beginning of the relationship, sexual activity is usually increased, at least there is no bilateral decrease in sexual activity, i.e. either someone "does not want" or "does not give." And this leads to sexual abstinence, which in turn leads to the breakdown of the couple. In contrast to this pessimistic position, another is also legitimate. If the sexual relationship has ceased, this is an occasion to discuss and understand what is happening. 


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