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Velofel more we are just a very small company with about 25 people working around here and at the production site there is are additionally 10 people who can do more or less all the things that we need for the production well what had it that come to be to buy yeah well that's more or less an accident to had a quite it's a good medical environment that had to be developed at that stage and suddenly I found myself there in the clinic working on a right at the moment it on a regular base about once a month for four a week and I'm quite happy with that that's great now do the majority of your patients speak languages that you speak or do you have to have an interpreter well my Arabic is very bad so I need an interpreter but most of the people are speaking either English or German and with these two two same clinic and German Medical Center in in Dubai but unfortunately we only met once or twice per year because 


Velofel South Africa from you share this podcast and this website and this blog with the people in your life who you feel would benefit from this information because if you can't see it well we're trying something a little John Madden do a little circle yeah the whole white guy this is alligator all I can see it that's a fucking out of here and he just straddling this thing my hey George I gotta watch this George watch this I know I know we're only on holy number seven Oh Paul I tell you what Paul Paul don't do it oh don't do it oh they're for sure the golf 





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